The RH Service

Motor repair serviceAll we do is motor repair and replacement, we do it well, we do it quickly, we do it at a fair cost and with no fuss.

We identify the problems with motors that are not functioning well.

We repair motors.

We identify suitable new replacements for an application, and we source them quickly.

We get the customer up and going as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

The service we offer is not rocket science, but it is not that easy to find either.


Case study – SC Cabinets

CNC gearbox repair

SC Cabinets manufacturers of high quality storage cabinets for hazardous materials, operate around a central CNC machining centre, this 15 year old machine was state of the art in its time and still formed a crucial part of the production process.

Tony from RH Rewinds was called in by the in house maintenance team, that the Gear Box had failed was obvious, why and how to fix it less so. Worse than this was the fact the new replacement gear box was on a 5 week lead time, drawings, instructions and operating manuals had long since disappeared!

Tony, dismantled the unit, identified the faulty bearings, obtained suitable replacements from the RH Rewinds stock and then set to work. The system was cleaned, realigned and the refitted, recalibration of the machine took a while longer but within two days the machine was up and going again.

Two days versus Five Weeks, Repair Cost versus new Gear Box; good outcome all round.