Motor rewinds and repair - Experience and knowledge

Experience and Knowledge:

In some industries there is simply no substitute for having been there and done it; preferably over decades, and more often than not seeing similar issues over and over again!

RH Rewinds is based in the centre of Bolton, a central part of the Industrial revolution landscape, the first motors were used in 1832, and whilst we can’t boast of being around that long, we have fixed motors on machines well over a hundred years old.

The team at RH rewinds know their industry; they are proud of their abilities and pleased to be able to help.

Experience though is not just about the products we fix, new or old, it is about understanding the needs of our customers, speed of response. It is sometimes about helping with advice, we know the best solution sometimes lies elsewhere and we are pleased to be able to point the way.


Case study – Birdhall Lane, Stockport

Office block air handling equipment repair

George Birchall Service Ltd really came up against the once in a lifetime problem when they arrived at Birdhall Lane in Stockport. Air Handling Systems failing is common enough, but not when sited in an enclosed space on the 6th floor!

They called the team from RH Rewinds in, they quickly established the inverter drives on the Axial Fans were tripping at very low loads but finding actual cause was going to be harder. Removing the 37Kw Motors from site for investigation was just not a viable option, access in and out was virtually impossible, and so the team of three from RH rewinds went to work. Staging was ferried up to that top floor and built around the equipment, motors removed, faults identified and rewinds performed there in situ on that top floor.

A week after the call the Air Handling equipment was purring again and for a fraction of the cost that a traditional approach would have incurred.