Motor repair challenge

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If you have the combined experience of the RH Rewinds team then you might think that there is nothing we haven’t seen. Truth is we love a challenge!

Challenge us to fix that ancient motor.

Challenge us to find the best replacement motor.

Challenge us to do the job quickly.

Challenge us to beat other quotes.

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Case study – Power Packs Fail halting entire production line

Emergency production line motor repair

Normally the failure of a Power Pack driving an entire production line is a fairly routine replacement task, BUT, when the motor in question is based on an Imperial dimensioned frame, has a special seemingly unique flange, drives double output shafts on weird spacing and all went out of manufacture 20 years previously. Life gets interesting!!

Fundamentally what we had needed fixing!

The intricate electrical winding had been covered in hydraulic oil on the uncoupling of a high pressure hose, insulation failure in the motor was widespread.

Robert from RH Rewinds worked through the breakdown and intensive deep cleaning of the unit, but starting from basic engineering principles the size of the new coil was calculated to provide the required power and also fit within the physical constraints of the motor.

Less than 72 hours after the failure and the call to RH rewinds the production line was in full operation. Another challenge met by the team at RH rewinds.