Motor repair & remanufacturing from RH Rewinds

Motor Repair and Remanufacturing from R H rewinds

We are the electric motor experts; we deal in everything from fixing the most modern electric motors to avoid the cost of a new one, through to repairing the motor that sits on the hundred year old machine in the back of the workshop.

We understand the need for information too, if the source of the replacement part or motor isn’t immediately obvious, we’ll find it.

We are proud of our skills, proud of our knowledge and proud of our service ethic.

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Case study – Booth’s Micro Bakery

The motor failure on the key piece of conveyor equipment in Booth’s Micro Bakery over a Bank Holiday Weekend threatened severe disruption to the process and to our customer’s reputation for quality and service, built up over decades.

Booth’s challenged RH Rewinds, in the space of six hours we had collected the motor, identified the fault, carried out permanent repairs and had the motor back in situ. All this on a part where the make, model and manufacturer had long since been lost!